Thursday, December 15, 2011

Out at last... !

…..of my garage that is… :)

It took me about 2 months but I finally found a way to take my boat out of the garage…
It is now at the mast builder s place for fitting. Sailmaker will be called soon for the final phase of this odyssey.
Weather was just perfect today. About 15 C in mid December ! Considering the crappy weather we had about a month ago, this was really amazing !
I was quite apprehensive but thanks to all guys who came to help me it turned out to be quite an easy task. Even lifting the boat up onto the trailer was not an issue. I am not sure how heavy the boat is but 2 guys, one on each side, could lift the transom easily so I hope it will not be too far off from class limits.

And talking about trailers, as you can see in the pictures the one we used was definitely oversized but that was the absolute best I could find. The owner of the trailer, who as also driving the truck, happen to be a boat builder himself and owned one of the largest fiberglass boat factories of Turkey. Wish I had met the man before.


  1. Thanks buddy, glad to see you are back into building mode and you have solved all your motorcycles issues !

  2. I was wondering what you were up to, good on you Jerome!!!!!!

  3. Hey Josh ! İ am quiet but very much around. Saw your new mast...looks cool. İ am still unsure if İ want to splash during winter... might wait for beginning of spring

  4. il a une gueule d'enfer. Je me languis de naviguer dessus