Tuesday, December 3, 2013

i550 in Brazil

My last post was written in March 2012, 1 year and 9 months ago.
That is exactly the time it took this little beauty to cross the ocean and reach home in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
I will not waste your time and get into details and explain the ordeal I went through, the money I spent on taxes, or all the headaches with the moving company.

 What a feeling, what a relief to finally set eyes on my little boat.

The wooden box built to fit inside the container and the supports custom shaped on the hull bottom worked perfectly to secure the boat at a 45 degree angle during its very long journey from Turkey to Brazil..... Thanks to Chad for showing me how to fit the boat inside the container and thanks for Yalçin who actually build the box.

So hopefully I will post a few more pictures in 2014 of hull 270 sailing in Rio :)




  1. Hi Jerome; i hope you will see my comment and help me... İ have posted one more comment before but i think you werent looking at this blog. Can you tell me where did you find kiwigrip in Turkey? i really need this information, thank you anyway... (enginthecaptain@gmail.com)

  2. Jeremy, hi!
    Please post more photos of the boat heeled inside the box!
    We will probably have to do the same to get one hull delivered across Russia someday and a 20ft container is a strong option...
    Please share more about how the hull was fiitted at the angle...

  3. Parabéns Jerome, comprei o projeto kull 353 e estou planejando a construção para 2015. Aqui em Santa Catarina tem 5 projetos comprados, mas num construído. Estamos conversando para seguir um padrão e criar uma classe. Quem sabe vinga...
    Bons ventos..